Moche Civilization


The Moche civilization was very different from the life in the United States. The Moche culture was very hung up on religion and art. I would not want to live in the Moche civilization because they did not have the best beliefs. An example is the ceramic they believed mould make a women fertile. In the United States there is not a certain culture you had to believe in, here people are free of culture. They are very separated by the different classes. Also, they did not have a good form of government and they mainly looked up to the priests and warriors for everything. 

Compare and Contrast 

The Moche civilization is similar because the Moche were very focused on sex and most of their art related to it. In the civilization today music and television is based on sex. The way the Moche did not have a formal government they only had the warriors and priests. In the civilization we live in today has formal form of government and we do not always ask the other person in power.